honeyguide helps makers
& designers get back
to their creative work.

we take over anything from proposals, fulfillment, to invoicing
and then run these processes week to week,
providing a simple management report

to keep our clients in the know.


things are messy
before they fit


make something
from nothing


the unknown
should not be lonely


we celebrate


build your



Meet our founder, Neil Boss.

Neil Boss founded honeyguide to bring his years of knowledge of arts business management to creative entreprenuers.  With a BA in Printmaking from UNC Charlotte and his MA in non-profit managment, he’s worked around the globe learning tools of the trade that make work transparent, engaging and creative.

Before honeyguide, he worked as the COO of Accion a nonprofit dedicated to helping entrepreneurs generate income, build assets, and achieve financial success through business ownership. Over ten years, Neil oversaw the departments of Finance, Managed Information Systems, Infrastructure Technology, Underwriting, Collections, and Client Service.

Cindy Urbanik
Urbanik Interiors

“Let’s me focus on the creative side of my design business with peace of mind. The process worked so well that I also applied it to my personal life.”

Raabia Shafi
Raabia Shafi Consulting

“I appreciate how Neil provides a non-judgmental outlet to share what’s on my mind and always offers expert advice on how to enhance operational efficiencies in target areas across the full spectrum of my service offerings. Each week it feels great to share updates around the exciting progress we make so I can focus on doing the stuff I love most — helping my own clients.”

Tom Northern
Seven Stones House

“Took a rough outline of a business plan and congealed it into a coherent document that enabled us to get funding.”

you’ll be in good company.